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Lucas & Emily

52 x 8 min

Chores duties, restrictions and interdictions of any stripe or color? NO THANK-YOU!

Like all kids their age, what they love to do most in the whole world is play and have fun.


It’s not always easy for 4-6 year old kids to understand that when parents say “Clean up your room!”, “Go to sleep now; it’s nap time!” or “Don’t jump on the sofa!”… they are not making up arbitrary and boring rules. But when this happens, Lucas & Emily have a fantastic solution: they escape to an IMAGINARY WORLD! How do they go there? That’s easy! They blow some bubbles that carry them away. In this wonderful world they meet strange animals and experience all sorts of adventures where they can do (almost) anything they please. A dream comes true! However, they gradually realize the need for common sense, rules and precautions…while having fun. Lucas & Emily, through their hilarious adventures with these marvelous creatures, show that DOs and DON’Ts aren’t so bad after all. They can even be fun! The message is always put across in a fun and imaginative way, without lecturing.

We don't want to BRUSH OUR TEETH

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A Futurikon production - With the participation of FRANCE TELEVISIONS - In association with B MEDIA 2013 – BACKUP MEDIA - With the support of Région Ile-de-France, ANGOA and PROCIREP - Société des Producteurs - and the support of CNC - Produced by Philippe Delarue - Based on the original works of TEBO « CESAR » developed for television and graphic designed by TEBO - Writing consultant Claire Espagno - Original music by Guillaume Poyet - Directed by Marc Boréal