About us



FUTURIKON, created in 1996 by Philippe Delarue, the company’s CEO and Producer, is an independent production company based in Paris specialized in the production and international sales of animated programs, feature films and documentaries. Its goal is to produce innovative, entertaining and enlightening programs, based on original content or adapted works with a universal appeal. These are inspired by French and European creativity, while remaining open to the best international influences. At the heart of its development strategy is the creation of vibrant universes based on the vision of talented artists and writers and transmedia synergies between TV, film, the web, music and publishing.

FUTURIKON acts as both executive producer and line producer of the programs it develops and is open to co-producing content with other partners. Special care is taken to organize most of the production process in France and Europe for creative, social and financial reasons. FUTURIKON is a fully integrated mini studio that ensures development, funding, production, marketing and commercialization. The firm is a leader in France and Europe in animation and has recently extended its activities to the production of live action feature films.

FUTURIKON has a permanent staff of a dozen highly-skilled individuals in production management, corporate and legal affairs, finance, international sales, licensing, marketing and communication.

The firm can also count on a network of creative talents and freelancers, both French and European, in the fields of animation, feature films and documentaries.

FUTURIKON ensures the development, production and international sales of animated series (Fly Tales, Dragon Hunters, Trolls of Troy, The Minimighty Kids, Captain Biceps, Minuscule, Little Tornados, CRAFTY Kids Club…), documentaries (Journey to the West, This Mute Memory, Terra Magica…) and animated feature films (Minuscule – Valley of the Lost Ants, Dragon Hunters – The Film, The Ugly Duckling & Me). More recently the company has started producing live action films (Playground Chronicles, For Emergency Use Only…). Over the years the company has forged privileged ties in its various businesses with national and international television broadcasters and film distributors.

FUTURIKON also sees itself as a creator of unique imaginary worlds developed in series and feature films (Dragon Hunters, Minuscule…). These franchises are also often available as video games and through major licensing programs that help create powerful brands. For example, Minuscule is both a feature film and TV series as well a range of video games (Happy Blue Fish), books (Nathan, Magnard, Glénat, Plume de Carotte), stationary (Exacompta, Rambloc), toys (Nature & Découvertes), etc. These spin-offs are also supported by significant promotional campaigns. Most of FUTURIKON’s programs are sold worldwide (U.S.A., China, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, etc.). Several of them have given rise to additional seasons or sequels (Minuscule, Dragon Hunters, The Minimighty Kids…)

FUTURIKON participates in the main international markets for TV, film and licensing such as MIPTV and MIPCOM, Cannes film festival, Sunny Side of The Doc, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Licensing Show, AFM, TVFI Showcase, Berlinale, etc.