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Kaput & Zösky

78 X 8 min ou 26 x 24 min

Planets and galaxies, beware ! Here come the ultimate obliterators !


Convinced that they are the ultimate obliterators, Kaput and Zosky bounce from planet to planet aboard their fragile flying saucer with the firm intention TO RULE THEM ALL! Just as they SET TYRANNICAL FOOT on the surface of a planet, just when they start making derogatory remarks, there’s a glitch ! Their “terrifying offences” always backfire. They have no choice but to clear out, pronto ! In each and every episode, they launch an assault on a new planet ! In each and every episode, they fail miserably ! This hilarious satirical comedy appeals to kids of all ages!

Kaput & Zösky / Toutenkaput and Zoskyris

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A Futurikon / Tooncan Coproduction - Based on the work by Lewis Trondheim - Adapted by Samuel Kaminka / Lewis Trondheim - In collaboration with Sophie Decroisette / Philippe Grimond - Executive Producers Philippe Delarue / Paul Cadieux - Produced by Samuel Kaminka / Anne Pages - Artistic Direction by Alejandra Arganaraz - Script Supervisor Laurent Turner - Directed by Didier Loubat - Kaput & Zosky, The ultimate obliterators.