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A Cow, A Cat And The Ocean

52 x 12 min

A long journey to the legendary Animal Island, where all the animals live happy and free!


A cow follows his friend the cat’s advice and runs away with him from the farm where they lived. They both dream of finding the legendary Animal Island where all animals live happy and free.

Along the way, they discover picturesque islands where they meet new friends: rodeo seahorses, pickpocket octopuses, grouchy polar bears, sardines at summer camp…

In addition to valuable life lessons (friendship, loyalty, helping others, tolerance) they learn something new and interesting in every episode (Where does wool come from? Why is sea water not drinkable?…).

A Cow, A Cat and the Ocean/ The great bear

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  • Main visuals


A Futurikon production - With the participation of France 5 and Disney Télévision France - In association with 2 Minutes - Produced by Philippe Delarue - Original Concept and Design Hugues Mahoas - Script Editor Alain Serluppus - Music Lionel Payet Pigeon Robert Benzrihen - Producer Samuel Kaminka - Chief Background Design Marjorie Vial - Directed by Prakash Topsy.