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Captain Biceps

78 x 8 min or 26 x 24 min + 26 short interstitials

A very special super hero!

Bringing justice to your TV


Captain Biceps is the strongest! Captain Biceps has fists like steel! Captain Biceps is a Super Hero! He’s not afraid of anything or anybody, well … except his mom! What ?!… he didn’t tell you about her? Captain Biceps still lives with his mother, Carmina! Some people say he’s a bit of a simpleton. Bah! It just depends on how you look at it. In fact, Captain Biceps is just a big kid! Hmmm… and what if that actually explained the secret of his invincibility? Because Captain Biceps also has the colorful imagination of a little kid, overflowing with whacky and absurd ideas, that are actually pretty efficient! And that’s why he always wins… in the end.Helped by his faithful sidekick, GENIUS BOY, CAPTAIN BICEPS keeps the world safe from the terrible threats of a bunch of Super Bad Guys!

The Alien

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Une production FUTURIKON - En coproduction avec France Télévisions, TéléTOON et la Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) - En association avec COFINOVA 5, COFANIM - Un fonds BACJ UP FILMS - Produit par Philippe Delarue - D'après l'oeuvre originale de Zep et Tebo - publiée aux Éditions Glénat - "Tchô! La Collec..." - Adaptation littéraire Vincent Costi - Musique originale Antoine Furet et Benjamin Farley - Réalisé par Pascal David.