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This mute memory

53 min

What happens to memories when they no longer live the person who brought them?


The director films her grandmother, once a musician of repute, today a victim of Alzheimer’s. This documentary is the record of a life on the outskirts of a forgotten past. It relates the difficulties of living from day to day without moorings, a life in suspension, and queries this mute memory.

This mute memory / Extrait

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This Mute Memory Direction : Fanny Guiard Scenario : Fanny Guiard Camera operator : Florian Bouchet Sound : Jean-Yves Pouyat Editing : Jean-Marie Lengellé Music : Isabelle Guiard With : Marie-Thérèse Chailley Co-Production : Futurikon, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France 5 - Groupe France Télévisions