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Journey to the West

60 min


More and more Chinese tourists come to visit Europe every day.
What do they seek?
What is their mental picture of Europe before their journey starts?
And their thoughts when they discover it?

“Journey to the West” is an embedded documentary with a team tagging along a bus full of Chinese tourists, who, for the first time and at breakneck speed, visit 6 European countries in 10 days. As they inhale such a “concentrate” of Europe, a mix-and-match blend of postcard vistas and places with a link to Chinese history, their vision grows more discerning… Critical comments bust forth.

A play of mirrors emerges: two approaches of travel, two cultures, China and Europe, “us” and “them”.

Journey to the West / Trailer

Main visuals

Screenshots of the documentary


Produced by: FUTURIKON In coproduction with: PLANETE+ Writer: Jill Coulon Director: Jill Coulon Producer : Philippe Delarue Executive producer : Virginie François Director of Photography: Julien GIDOIN Editor: Alex Cardon With the support of the Centre National du Cinema et de l'image animée and the Procirep/Angoa