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The Ugly Duckling and Me

88 min


Pretending to be the father of a lost duck egg, Ratso, a city rat, obtains the authorization to remain in the poultry-yard where he found shelter. But it comes at a price ! Not only does he have to raise the weird-looking newly-born duck he named «Ugly», but he also becomes the handyman.

Since The courtyard doesn’t meet Ratso’s ambitions, he decides to go to the biggest funfair in the country to set up his own show… Parenting is no easy task for Ratso who is not exactly the ideal father, but there is no other option, he has to take Ugly along with him…

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Une production A.FILM A/S, Magma films LTD., FUTURIKON SA, Ulysses GMBH - en coproduction avec TV2 Danmark A/S - avec la participation de M6, DISNEY TELEVISION FRANCE, TPS star, avec le soutien du CNC, Danish film Institute, Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board, FFA BERLIN, EURIMAGE, Nordisk Film & TV Fond - développé avec le soutien du Programme MEDIA de la communauté Européenne