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Playground Chronicles

85 min


Playground Chronicles is largely inspired by the author’s childhood memories. Brahim, who is ten years old in 1980, takes us on an emotional journey into the heart of his daily life, his struggles and achievements in school, his friends, television and the factory where his father, a Moroccan immigrant, works as caretaker. Rooted in a social and economic era that is undergoing major changes, the end of the glorious industrial decades now marked by de-industrialization and outsourcing, this historical period is also one of great changes for the young Brahim. He learns the meaning of friendship with Salvador, a Chilean refugee who becomes his inseparable playground companion. It is a time of emotional turmoil and of his first crush, Nathalie! He also discovers a new passion: photography. Playground Chronicles is the portrait of a period, poignant slices of an “ordinary life”, a film that paints in vivid colors, the day to day life of a young boy, with his moments of happiness, his dreams and his eye-opening discoveries…


Festival selections & awards

  • French Film Festival Tübingen | Stuttgart – 2013
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival – 2013
  • Cairo International Film Festival – 2012
  • Doha Tribeca Film Festival – 2012
  • Mostra – São Paulo International Film Festival – 2012
  • Warsaw Film Festival – 2012
  • Rencontres Internationales de Gindou – 2012
  • Cinemed | Montpellier Film Festival2012

Playground Chronicles

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