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The Last Signal

90 min


Two space capsules, Atlas 1 and Atlas 2, are heavily shaken during their re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The six astronauts of the international Lunar One program are returning to Earth after several months on the moon. They have lost contact with the control center for 30 days now without explanation. The Earth remains mysteriously silent.

After having dangerously skimmed sky-scrapers, they each brutally land several miles away from each other.

The city is strangely deserted and completely abandoned. Cars are all over the streets, doors all wide opened as if the owners had fled as quickly as possible, leaving all belongings behind.  A petrifying silence prevails in these usually lively lanes.

The crew members of the first capsule then decide to search for their companion who has not given any sign of life since their landing. Looking for answers, they will quickly find themselves confronted with an inexplicable phenomenon and ultimately end up fighting for their lives.

The Last Signal - Teaser