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The minimighty kids

78 x 8 min or 26 x 24 min + 1 special of 24 min

“Mini problems - Maxi powers!"
"All heroes for a day”


… how to turn a minor flaw into a fantastic power and be a hero for a day!

We all were caught as a child in the same spiral of fear… every single kid is afraid they “don’t fit in”. Some kids are snotty-nosed, some stutter, others have to wear their big sister’s jacket, or their ears stick out or their shoes are too showy… the list goes on forever! Young kids make a mountain out of a molehill! School can be a cruel environment: classmates will make fun of you, play jokes on you and before you know it you are everyone’s laughing stock! Shame on you! It’s the end of the world!

We all remember those days, right? Well, they are over, gone, bye bye! Hello the Miniavengers! A new zany series with an optimistic streak demonstrates that we are all potential Miniavengers as long as we have at least one flaw…. since a flaw can be turned into a Superpower!

The minimighty kids / Supercrossedeyes

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A Futurikon production - With the participation of TF1 - In coproduction with Télétoon and Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) - In association with Cofinova 4 - Produced by Philippe Delarue - Based on the original book by Hélène Bruller and Zep Published by Hachette - Series Adaptation by Vincent Costi - Theme Song Hélène Bruller, Fabrice Aboulker and Franck Lascombes - Music by Hervé Lavandier - Directed by Norman J. LeBlanc.